Are you saving as much as you would like, or are you worrying about money daily? 

Did you know that worrying about money is the number 1 stress in America? 

Hi! I’m Mark Prather, and I’m the founder of the Mark 1 Wealth Academy. Like most people, I started from nothing and worried about money for decades. I was always told saving money was the only way to financial security, retirement, and wealth. Over my long career in the real estate industry, I learned that simply isn’t true. Yes, you heard me right--saving money isn’t necessary to reaching financial security. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, saving money is a great thing...if you can do it. But what if you can’t? I have learned some of the most sophisticated real estate wealth-building strategies that, until now, have never been brought to renters and homeowners.The truth is, fewer and fewer people can make their dreams a reality because of their ingrained belief that saving money is the only way to build wealth. Fortunately, there is a path to ending your money stress and living the life of your dreams that doesn’t require saving money. Check out our client testimonials and see their excitement in knowing that the life of their dreams is achievable. And guess what? The life of your dreams is available to you and your family too!

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