Agents Welcome to the Mark 1 Wealth Academy

The Mark 1 Wealth Academy is revolutionizing the residential real estate industry by creating a new breed of Agent. One that is able to bring a much higher level of expertise and knowledge of the wealth and investment income growth of real estate. 

This new breed of Agent is identified as a Real Estate Wealth Advisor. Real Estate Wealth Advisors do more than just list and sell real estate as a commodity. They understand real estate as investment and path to financial security, retirement, and wealth. 

The Mark 1 Wealth Academy marquis educational program for consumers is “How to Retire Without Saving Money through Real Estate.” This exciting educational program takes on the number one financial challenge that American’s have today, the struggle to save money!

The M1 Real Estate Wealth Advisor provides a dramatically superior client experience than a traditional sales agent with our exclusive client consultation service “Your Path to Wealth Personal Plan”  

This enhanced expertise easily separates the Agent members of the Mark 1 Wealth Academy from the herd of competition of traditional agents.  

Additionally, the enhanced expertise of the Real Estate Wealth Advisor allows the agent to take head on the battle of the commoditization of on line real estate sales and its painful effects on Agents. 

The Mark 1 Certified Real Estate Wealth Advisor designation is earned through a comprehensive training program that teaches the real estate agent the many components of wealth growth through real estate including the five economic benefits of real estate and the secret sauce of real estate, “The Utility Value.” 

The power of knowledge is undeniable, the Mark 1 Wealth Academy’s most advanced wealth building strategies ever taught in residential real estate once again proves the adage that knowledge is power, and it means more dollars for agents! 

Watch our Agent and consumer testimonial videos discuss the life altering value that the M1 Wealth Academy has provided to their careers and the lives of their clients. 

Mark Prather Founder of the Mark 1 Wealth Academy in his book “Why the Rich Stay Rich and the Poor Stay Poor” and seminars takes on the complex task of analyzing real estate wealth growth in a way that makes it simple for consumers and agents to understand. 

In fact it is so simple that virtually everyone who reads his book or attends his seminars understand and agree that real estate is the fastest and safest path to wealth!

To learn more and begin your journey to becoming a Real Estate Wealth Advisor go to Mark 1 Wealth